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Joined Conference of ASNEL and GASt: "Postcolonial Justice"
29 May to 1 June (Potsdam and Berlin)

The joint 25th Annual ASNEL and 14th Biennial GASt Conference entitled "Postcolonial Justice" will take place in Potsdam and Berlin from 29 May to 1 June, 2014.
Please note that registration is now open: registration

ASNEL Graduate Award winner Ms Andrea Moll awarded "summa cum laude" for doctoral degree

Ms Andrea Moll has received the grade "summa cum laude" for her doctoral thesis on "Jamaican Creole goes web: sociolinguistic styling and authenticity in a digital yaad". Ms Moll is the winner of the ASNEL Graduate Award of 2008.

Current yearbook

  Postcolonial Studies Across the Disciplines.
ASNEL Papers 18.
Gohrisch, Jana, & Ellen Grünkemeier (eds.)
Rodopi, Amsterdam/New York, NY, 2013.
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James Berry archive acquired by the British Library


This month (Oct 2012), the BL has purchased the James Berry archive which includes poetry notebooks spanning the length of his career, along with manuscript and typescript drafts of his poetry and prose (including notes for an unpublished novel), diaries, photographs and audio visual material. James Berry was one of the first migrant Caribbean writers in Britain widely recognised for his work.

He came to Britain as part of the first major wave of migrants from the Caribbean in 1948 in the wake of the Nationality Act. Today, Berry is one of the major writers in Black British and Caribbean British literatures. (, photo: © James Berry)

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GNEL goes Facebook

From now on ASNEL presents itself on the social network Facebook. All the news concerning the annual conferences, summer schools and recent yearbooks will be posted and this gives ASNEL members the opportunity to connect with each other. If you have already signed up on Facebook you can support ASNEL and share news with others by clicking on the 'like' button. But in any case you can follow up on the latest posts on the ASNEL profile on facebook.

The Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English (ASNEL) represents academics, teachers and students from Germany, Europe and overseas.

ASNEL promotes teaching and research in the field of English-language literatures in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa and the Pacific Region as well as diaspora and transcultural literatures in the English-speaking world.-----

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